EcooGraphix Computer to Plate Printers

Unbeatable quality, automation, accuracy and reliability

4UP CTP/CTCP Machines

Features speeds from 16 – 28 PPH to meet any production needs

> UV-400EA(CTCP Auto Loading 16pph)
> UV-400SA(CTCP Auto Loading 22pph)
> UV-400FA(CTCP Auto Loading 28pph)
> T-400EA(Thermal Auto Loading 16pph)
> T-400SA(Thermal Auto Loading 22pph)
> T-400FA(Thermal Auto Loading 28pph)
> T-400E(Thermal Manual Loading 16pph)
> T-400S(Thermal Manual Loading 22pph)
> T-400F(Thermal Manual Loading 28pph)
> UV-400E(CTCP Manual Loading 16pph)
> UV-400S(CTCP Manual Loading 22pph)
> UV-400F(CTCP Manual Loading 28pph)

Very Large Format

Advanced platesetters that offer superior productivity for large-format plates

> UV-1600MX(CTCP Manual Loading 18pph)
> UV-1600M(CTCP Manual Loading 10pph)
> UV-1600SX(CTCP Manual Loading 27pph)
> UV-1600S(CTCP Manual Loading 16pph)
> T-1600M(Thermal Manual Loading 10pph)
> T-1600S(Thermal Manual Loading 16pph)

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