Profit - Recovery Services
Profit recovery in a simplified operating model

Our services are centered around providing independent and objective advice that involves no upfront expense and consistently recovers profits and improves EBITDA.

We enable a client centered service that replaces frustration with automation.  Leveraging our innovative platforms to drive high performance in your organization.

Continuous improvement and innovation that emphasizes quality and flexibility at all points of the supply chain to yield better long-term outcomes and sustainable expense reduction.



Telecom, Merchant Services, and Small Package Shipping & Courier

As the largest independent and objective telecom, merchant services, and small package shipping consulting company in North America, we have extensive research and analysis capabilities. 

Leveraging specialized software, bench marking tools, and best-in-class pricing databases our focused and experienced team has delivered over $280 million in telecommunications savings to over 18,000 organizations.


Printing, Office Supplies & Procurement

Cut costs through consolidation, improved technology and reduced inventory.  Take advantage of proven global governance and innovation supported by the largest manufacturing delivery network in North America.  All while gaining greater control, regulatory adherence, mobility and more time to focus on your core business.

Leverage our cloud-based platform to automate the management of orders, quote requests, supplier network, and inventory levels.  Our platforms open architecture enables us to create bi-directional connectivity to your core IT systems.



Risk-free Engagement

We work on a gain-sharing basis. Your organization will enjoy a risk-free assessment with a minimal time and resource investment required by your knowledge workers.

Ongoing Value

Every quarterly billing cycle our team of subject matter experts will prepare a Post-Audit report for your review calculating your savings versus the benchmark, refund any billing errors and present any additional opportunities to increase your savings.


We are able to support our customers with service delivery excellence because we have built the infrastructure and staff for that purpose. This gives us the unique ability to not only co-author a road map to realize operational excellence aligned with your culture, but actually ensure the benefits are realized.


Business Intelligence

Leveraging our expertise with technology to drive performance and process enhancements with ongoing analytics.  We analyze how communications are being used as an operational asset and provide reporting tools for your organization.

Change Management


80% of our customers retain their current vendors at a lower cost.  The 20% that do switch suppliers will have experts to manage the transition to make it a seamless process as possible.


Project Based Consulting Services

As your business and the technology landscape evolves, our team of experts and LSS assessment resources are available on a project basis. We support any project that involves communications, such as establishing a call center, or a migration to VoIP.  Further, we support the process evaluation of labor-intensive procurement activities, such as print and mail room efficiencies.



Create the Right Structure

A corporate structure that enables constant monitoring of costs to be optimized can more ably divert capital to meet new business needs without sacrificing longer-term strategic objectives.

Refresh Workflow Processes

Incorporate processes around business continuity. It is critical to create “a conscious culture” in a firm that looks at, and refreshes processes regularly with a ROI achieved through optimization.

Retain Your Competitive Edge

As companies cut costs, they shouldn't let it hamper their competitiveness. For example, deep headcounts cuts could leave an organization understaffed in crisis situations.  Taking a broader, longer-term view would lead to a strategic reductions without hurting competitiveness.